About Us

Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd was founded in 2008 born out of an idea of Phil Hardy co-director and owner.
Phil Hardy qualified with “blue chip” company 3M Pharmaceuticals as a Mechanical Engineer and gained a vast amount of knowledge during this period coupled with his professionalism as a “Pro” MotorCross Rider and as his career moved on from learnings with several business’ in property protection decided to start his own business

Phil recognised the need for business’ and consumers alike to increase protection of their professional business premises as well as consumer property both for safety as well as the daunting prospect renewing of equipment and household contents and not least the associated rising insurance costs and inconvenience.

Based in Central Midlands the business quickly developed from the installation of anti-ramraid bollards, security fencing and gates with great success, and in 2010 became a Limited company that deliver many services that specialises in the Marketing, Installation, and Maintenance of all forms of Perimeter Security and Ram Raid Protection equipment, with the aim to be the Premier Company within the Sector.

Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd are now moving into a further period of growth after the past 6 years have seen major Companies recognising the strength and benefits of engaging with the business-such companies as Makro, Costco in the Wholesale/Retail sector to various Car Companies like Listers, Snow Groups to mention two plus major contracts with a number of County Councils in protecting & securing buildings parks and highways. We now cover the whole of the UK from our Central Midlands premises and also collaborate with other security installation business’ that cater for different needs such as SECOM PLC who approached us for our expertise & capabilities in protection and security hardware in support of their CCTV systems

All of this success has led to the domestic side developing from referrals mainly in garages/ driveway bollards preventing cars and goods being stolen from private properties, referrals made due to the way we do business listening to client’s needs, assessing the needs on site, responding in a professional and efficient manner, quality of work, service and support in return for price paid.